Men's Body Shaper Slimming Undershirt

  • $29.90
  • Save $24

Increase your confidence with a reduction of up to 2 waist sizes

Mens Body Shaping  Slimmer

Desirable look

Make your clothes fit better

Defined upper body

Improves Posture

Back Support

Body-hugging, engineered spandex structure to the back, this acts to support the back and give a strong and straight look. This X brace design not only supports the upper back, however also improves posture

12 structured pads, ensure a slim & firm look

The Sides of the vest are engineered to hold in and form the love handle area's giving a slender, athletic and firm fit. 

Maximum Comfort, Manoeuvrability, and Ventilation by design

  • The Neck and the arms of the vest are designed to give good ventilation and with the low neckline, meaning it can be worn under nearly every garment, such as shirts, tee-shirts, polo's etc..
  • The extra ventilation is also to ensure the vest can be worn in all weathers, without the wearer getting hot and sweaty
  • The Nylon + Spandex engineered combination, ensure comfort and Manoeuvrability as well as a figure shaping, further nobody will realize you are wearing one !



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